Before embarking on his journey, Richard needed to 
give very careful consideration to what supplies and 
materials he would bring with him....after all, he'll be carrying 
everything at certain points of his trip!  Here are the supplies that
made the cut:

-Kayak (Current Designs Kevlar Solstice GTS High Volume [45 lbs.])
-Paddle (Werner super-lightweight carbon alloy)
-1-man tent (Ross)
-Sleeping bag (Marmot)
-Sleeping mat
-Gaz campstove and cannisters
-AlpineAire food
-Water (5 gallons.....this weighs almost as much as the kayak!)
-First aid kit
-Water purifier
-Cell phone
-GPS navigator
-Journal & pencils

Some supplies are mailed to checkpoints monthly (food, Gaz gas 
cannisters, etc), and some items are mailed back home (exposed film,
etc.).  Most supplies were purchased, with considerable help, from the wonderful people at Bob Smith's Wilderness House.


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