June 10 The winds died down this afternoon, so I decided to push on
                  as far as I could in order to make Pierre tomorrow.  I figure
                  the earlier I get to Pierre, the longer I'll be able to rest my
                  wrist and shoulder, which now gives me sharp pain when I 
                  try to paddle full strength - a sure sign of a pulled muscle.
                  My body is starting to show signs of wear and tear, and I
                  could use a few days of calm water to let things settle down.
                  I ended up paddling for 10 hours today, in order to take 
                  advantage of the afternoon and evening calm.  I saw 
                  another eagle today, and dozens of huge nests in the dead
                  trees that occupy the shallows of the lake, homes to great
                  blue herons and their nestlings.  The water is much muddier
                  now, like the Missouri below Sioux City.

  June 11 I got my earliest start yet - on the river by 6:16 - in order to
                  beat the wind to Pierre.  The wind got there first, so I had
                  another hellish day on the lake.  As I got within 5 miles of
                  Pierre, the river current kicked in again, and the wind began
                  gusting up to 40 mph.  I had to concentrate so hard on 
                  moving forward and not tipping that I couldn't even glance
                  to acknowledge several boats I saw.  I pulled in safely to 
                  the Pierre marina, but I'm worried that if Lake Francis Case
                  and Lake Sharpe have given me so much trouble, what 
                  happens when I get to the bigger lakes like Oahe?  So far 
                  I've been paddling in South Dakota for 2 weeks.  In that
                  time I've had three days when the wind was less than 20 
                  mph.  The weather forecasts, at least for the wind, have 
                  become predictable.  Winds will always be 20-35 mph.  The
                  only variable is their direction.  I hope I can get some relief,
                  because I fear I won't make the mountains at this rate.

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